Silica Gel

We come to grips with moisture !

  • For more then 20 years we have specialized in
  • protecting goods from moisture caused damage
  • during transport and storage. Our solution:
  • a systematic calculated application of desiccants
  • to protect a wide range of goods from medical
  • and food products to machines and textiles.
  • Moisture means a high economic risk for manufacturers,
  • carriers and recipients. Packing,
  • dispatch and storage are key points at which
  • insufficient care can have severe effects. Hermetic
  • packaging is not sufficient to guarantee
  • efficient protection.
  • Changing climate conditions with temperature
  • fluctuations during a sea transport of several
  • weeks lead to condensation
  • that causes corrosion
  • in metals. If no protective measures are
  • taken, damage to surfaces, reduced storage
  • capability and effectiveness or function errors
  • as well as “total loss” may be the result.
  • PC makes risks and preventive care calculable.
  • Applicatory industry, product and case. The amount of
  • desiccants a shipment requires is individually
  • by PC based on DIN 55474. Not enough
  • desiccant leads to risk. Too big amounts cause
  • preventable costs. The programme is available
  • for the clients as well.
  • Key methods and quantity vary

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